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Eyelash extensions. Did you cringe? You must have had the standard eyelash extension experience. I don’t blame your reaction. It seems very hard to find talented eyelash technicians who have a passion for the craft. It is a very time consuming, not to mention TEDIOUS process to apply eyelash extensions and depending on the state of your client’s lashes it can be even more difficult! I had the luxury of finding the most amazing eyelash technician and it happened purely by chance! We briefly worked together a few months ago, before her own lash extension business took off! Her Facebook page is Eyelash Extensions by Rea Narciso and she has PLENTY of before and after pictures to ignite your desire for lash extensions.

My before and after picture
My before and after picture

The lashes I chose, with the help of Rea, were the mink lashes. I chose these lashes because they are lighter-weight than their silk counterpart. Similar to mink strip lashes, the mink fur is brushed and the resulting shedding is used for the individual strands of eyelash. I need to stress the most beautiful thing about these lashes: they are lighter than anything! I have been wearing strip lashes for years and sometimes it tends to feel like there is a caterpillar resting on top of my lash line when I apply them. The fact that I can comfortably wear these lashes all day every day without noticing they’re there is one of the best things about these lashes.

Because my eyes are very large and round, I wanted a more cat-eye shape to the lashes. This gives the illusion of a more sultry gaze rather than having very large fanned out lashes making the eyes look wider and more open (in my case it would make me look shocked). The amount of options you have with PROPERLY applied eyelash extensions is amazing. You can chose the shape and the curl level.


The you can go anywhere from the J curl, which is slightly curved, to the L curl, which has the most bend to it. So, if you want a more sultry look – you would select a LESS curled lash to make the gaze softer. To create a more cute, doe eyed look – you would select either the D or the L curl to open the gaze.

Something that needs to be stressed is that ANY type of extension (hair or eyelash) is a COMMITMENT. You have to commit to the idea that yeah, it’s going to be a little extra work to maintain the condition. Unless the product or the application is questionable, you need to take responsibility for the care of your extension otherwise you will have a bad experience. Do yourself a favor and add 2 minutes to your makeup removing routine to just be a bit more gentle and detail oriented to maintain the form of your eyelashes.

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Going on week 3 after full set application

I’m currently heading into my 3rd week after my original full set application and I have had very few fall out. Depending on your lash cycle, you can expect to need fills every 3-4 weeks. During a fill your technician should be adding more individual lashes to gaps in the overall lash shape, making sure every section is just as full as it was originally intended. I am scheduled for my fill about 4 weeks from my original full set date and am very excited to continue with my extensions!



1. Skip Mascara – if you need more darkness consider getting your lashes tinted prior to your extension solution
2. Use Micellular Solution or Face Wipes – I almost always wear a full face of makeup so I have to make sure my face is clean before I hit the pillow at night. At the same time I need to avoid fully submerging my lashes in water, using oil products near my lashes, and pulling or tugging on my eye lashes. I have been using organic face wipes, being especially careful around the eye area, but I would also recommend an oil-free micellular solution and a cotton pad.
3. Get Your Brush On – use a spoolie to lovingly brush out your lashes. I like to do it before I go to sleep and when I am doing my makeup in the morning.
4. Be Gentle – remember! These extensions are delicately adhered to your own natural lashes; therefore, being gentle on your extensions will only benefit your natural lashes.

Til next time!
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