So I have been cruelty free for almost 4 months now. In the big scheme of things, 4 months is no big deal, but when you are making a conscious lifestyle switch it is a huge deal. In the past 4 months I have been using up the cosmetics I had previously purchased which were not cruelty free, I have a completely cruelty free hair care routine, and everything I have purchased in the category of beauty has been cruelty free.

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In these past months there have been many tragedies in the world of animal cruelty, most noteably the illegal hunting of Cecil the Lion. This story has been everywhere and it is a touchy subject for many people. I think it needs to be understood the difference between trophy hunting and hunting with respect to the animal. While hunting is not something I would partake in, I have known some wonderful people and their families who love animals and instead of purchasing mass farmed meat they hunt and sustain themselves that way – using every portion of the animal. I can be argued that hunting in a respectable way is much more humane than purchasing a pack of chicken breasts from Walmart which has been genetically altered and has had a terrible life. IT’S A TOUCHY TOUGH SUBJECT! However, traveling to another country and paying THOUSANDS (just under $55,000 I believe) of dollars to kill a beautiful animal just so you can decapitate him, mount his head on your wall, and brag to your buddies about how tough of a man you are is horrible. It just goes to show how much of a complex some humans have about conquering other species to feel superior.

Another portion of going cruelty free is my decision to cut out most meat from my diet. I decided not to go hog wild and commit to absolutely no meat right away simply because I didn’t feel like I would be able to successfully commit to that which would result in failure which is something I wasn’t willing to do. So my diet currently is very plant based, for lunch I typically take a large salad and dried fruit, and every once in a while I will have some sort of fish. On average I will have some sort of fish twice a week. Otherwise, I have stopped eating chicken, beef, pork products, and eggs for the most part. I have noticed that I feel lighter, less tired in the middle of the day, and I am able to get my protein from nuts (cashews are my fave!), seeds (chia seeds have about 17g of protein in 100g of seeds), and beans. My next venture is to experiment with tofu! Wish me luck.

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So. As it stands currently, everyday it become easier and easier to be cruelty free. One of my happiest days came last month on a trip to Sephora. One of my favourite cosmetic brands is Kat Von D. I love the artistry in the packaging, the careful thought into each colour, and the naming of the products of superb. One of the products I was extremely sad to give up is her Everlasting Lipsticks. The formulation of this liquid lipstick is LITERALLY phenomenal. Anyone who has dabbled in the world of liquid lipsticks knows that finding a formula that wears for 4+ hours and is non drying is like finding a unicorn. These liquid lipsticks don’t transfer, there wear or a minimum of 5 hours without reapplying, and the colours are to die for. Until now, Kat Von D was not cruelty free because it was retailed on mainland China which, by law, requires cosmetics to be tested on animals before it is released for public consumption. Kat is an avid animal lover so I was initially shocked when her line wasn’t cruelty free. As I looked more into it, her brand is an exclusive partnership with Sephora, meaning Sephora is the sole distributor and their manufacturers make her products. It was announced last month that Sephoras umbrella brands Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs will be pulled out of the Chinese market and are now PETA certified cruelty free. They join the cruelty free ranks at Sephora which include TooFaced, Nars* (parent company not cruelty free), Smashbox* (parent company, Estee Lauder, not cruelty free), Tarte* (parent company not cruelty free), Hourglass, Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Urban Decay* (parent company not cruelty free) to name a few.

It’s getting easier every day to consciously choose cruelty free products which is such a beautiful thing. It’s all about being aware and making decision that align with your passion and what you stand for. If you’re interested in going cruelty free with your beauty products, check out my other articles on going cruelty free for a good starting place ❤

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