As always I am open for questions but I thought it important to list a few Key bits of information to consider when purchasing extensions:

blonde keratin bonds

What type of extensions you want…

if you want fusion extensions you can purchase either bulk (loose hair bundled together)or wefted (hair that is sewn together into a long curtain-like weft of hair) hair. Microbeaded extensions require the purchase of wefted hair, bulk hair can not be used!

group long hair


Synthetic hair is made similarly to the way fishing line it made, it is a manmade plastic product which can be heat RESISTANT but is not at all like natural human hair. It also has a heavier weight per stand which tends to make you look ridiculous if its windy and your natural hair is blown about but your extensions remain still. Not a good look! Look hor hair descriptions that include the words REMY (a term used to indiate all hair strands are aligned in the same direction to prevent friction and hair breakage), HUMAN HAIR (kind of a no brainer!), AAA (often there is a grading system applied to hair quality – AAA is one of the highest grades), and VIRGIN (this applies to many of the raven or dark haired beauties out there, you have the luxury of using completely unprocessed hair which with inevitably hold up longer due to the pristine nature of the hair cuticle. BEWARE blondies and rainbow-haired darlings! If your blonde extensions claim to be virgin, they’re in denial!). Also bear in mind the natural texture of your hair – if you have curly hair and you purchase straight extensions you will be spending more time styling to make the two very different textures blend. Opt for a texture similar to your own so you have the option of allowing your hair to air dry!

blonde and shades

How much hair will you need?

Hair extensions are sold in bundles and come in a variety of weights. The weight is essentially the most important piece of information – it determines the volume of hair you will get (ie. Long hair extensions with low weight means very thin hair). The standard weight for 18″- 20″ of Human Hair is anywhere between 50g-75g. This is about a half head of voluminous extensions. One bundle is also appropriate simply for adding length. In my experience i have had the best results with about 110g-150g of hair. PLEASE NOTE – HAVING HAIR LEFT OVER IS A GREAT OPTION IF YOU WANT MORE ADDED OR FOR FUTURE TOUCH UPS. If you have naturally thick hair you may want to add more for a natural fullness.(For reference I have a lot of hair which is fine per strand)


Color accuracy…

Possibly one of the most difficult parts of ordering! More often than not your hair color will be as unique as you and hard to match. My recommendation as something who has colored extensions many times FIND THE SHADE CLOSEST TO YOUR SHADE BUT LIGHTER. You can’t lift/lighten hair extensions (technically you can but they are unable to recover and you cut your total wear time in half). Worse case scenario you will need to use a deposit only color to tone the extensions to match your own which does very little damage.


Delivery time…

either have the extensions in your posession at time of booking OR book the appointment 2-3 weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for extensions to arrive. Planning ahead allows for your best extension experience.

I hope this was helpful!xo

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