Hollywood Waves

"If your hair is done properly and you 
have a good pair of shoes, 
you can get away with anything."
- Iris Apfel
(Harpers Bazaar, 2013)

First things first, consider what type of extensions you would like:

I do Keratin Fusion extensions and Microbead Weft extensions. They both have their pros and cons; however, it is most important to consider what you want out of the extensions before evaluating the pros and cons. Do you want volume? Do you want a bit less commitment?

blonde keratin bondsKeratin extensions are bonded using a crystallized keratin glue (it’s composed of the same protein that your hair is made of) to individual small sections of your hair. The keratin glue is heated and then the melted glue is attached to each individual section The pros to this is they are literally almost undetectable since the bonds are so small, they are also extremely versatile when styling and you can customize the volume all over your head (ex. If your hair tends to be a bit thinner on the left side of your head more individual strands can be added to that section to make it more voluminous).

The cons are the removal is a little more time consuming and difficult, they are more sensitive to heat (you can put heat directly on the bonds otherwise they will slip/come out), and you can’t reuse the hair. They can last up to 6 months depending on how you take care of them. If you are rough with them or if they aren’t removed properly they can result in damage. I used to get these ones all the time and I always removed them properly and never had any issues.

extensions blonde before and afterThe Microbead Weft Extensions are more hearty in a way. Since they are not vulnerable to heat directly on the bonds, you don’t have to be as careful when heat styling. They are attached in larger wefts/track across the head and can be more voluminous than the keratin bonds; however, they are a bit more heavy for the wearer because there is more hair being applied in one section. The pros are that they typically last longer than the keratin and if the hair is still in good condition you can reuse it. The reason it lasts longer is because you can continue to wear the extensions for as long as the integrity of the hair allows, adjusting it as your hair grows out – moving it up towards the root. The removal is quick and easy and these extensions are more fool proof – it would be pretty rare if it caused any damage to your hair. The cons are that they are a bit heavier like I said and may be a bit more uncomfortable to sleep on.

Both will feel tight on scalp right after installation but will loosen about 1 – 2 days later and about 4 -5 days after installation the hair can be put up into any up-style!

If you feel like both options are too much commitment/you won’t want to wear them constantly I would not recommend booking in as will not be able to give you what you need. I would recommend looking into clip in extensions for a no commitment alternative.


A few other things to consider when booking your installation appointment:

Allow up to 2.5 hours for the appointment (3 hours for fusions). Please don’t book or agree to be anywhere right after; I don’t want to make you late or have to try and rush through the appointment – it will cut down on the time I have to perfect your extensions.

DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK WHICH EXTENSIONS YOU SHOULD BUY. As someone who has had many many extensions in my lifetime I know how frustrating it is to purchase hair only to have it not last due to poor quality. I’m happy to help in anyway I can.

Try to match up installation with your hair colouring cycle. Dying installed extensions makes them not last as long so please keep that in mind when making your appointment! (I can guarantee using chemicals over keratin bonded extensions will make most of them fall out almost immediately). It is ideal to get your hair coloured right before you get your extensions involved.

Keep your natural hair texture in mind! If you have curly hair, installing straight extensions means more work in styling! Buying extensions with texture closer to your natural texture will mean less work for you!

Your extensions are going to need extra attention from you. Since your extensions are not attached to your head and don’t have the benefit of getting the natural, nurturing oils from your scalp, they will dry out much faster than natural hair. You should consider investing in an ultra gentle shampoo, a deeply moisturizing conditioner and conditioning treatment, an effective heat protectant, and a light weight hair oil.

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