As always, Jane Iredale has unveiled a beautiful new collection of seasonally appropriate products. For those of you who are not familiar with Jane Iredale products it is a full range mineral product line intended for even the most sensitive of skin. It is also cruelty free, many of their coverage products (foundations, powders, etc.) have effective SPF coverage, and all products contain clean minerals. The line was developed with the medical community to create a “skincare” makeup line that would not aggravate skin conditions such as rosacea or acne, and is even safe to use on skin post cosmetic surgeries and facials.

The fall 2015 collection relaunches some much loved products that were thought to be permanently gone, new shades of line staples, and a couple new products. In this launch there is: 7 shades of the ‘Play On’ Jumbo Lip Pencils, ‘Smooth Affair’ Primer for Oily Skin, 4 new shades of the ‘PurePressed’ Eyeshadow, and a newly redesigned application wand for the ‘Purelash’ Lengthening Mascara.


The ‘Smooth Affair’ Primer for Oily Skin

What makes it great? It helps to dispel the myth that if you have oily skin you need to look absolutely matte. It’s a myth that makes individuals with oily skin feel like their skin has no dimension and looks lack lustre. It has the same lovely components of it’s predecessor, the original ‘Smooth Affair’ Brightening Primer, such as the grapefruit extract to add life and vitality to the skin, and nourishing oils such as jojoba and sunflower to help the skin maintain it’s health. It also contains some proprietary complexes unique to Jane Iredale such as the PoreAway™ technology that visibly reduces shine and pores to create the ideal makeup canvas. The unique combination of ingredients also helps fight blemishes. Creates a smooth, naturally-matte finish for an even skin tone while employing advanced mineral technology that color-adjusts to your skin.

Draw backs? The only one I can think of is that if you don’t like the smell of grapefruit this will bother you for about the first couple minutes after you put it on, then the smell dissipates. OTHERWISE, I think that anyone who loves mineral makeup and is in the market for a new primer should definitely check it out. It retails for $60CAD on the Jane Iredale website and will last you a long time. I recommend only using about the size of a dime and working it outwards on the face, starting in the T-zone.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-23-at-11.19.43-PMThe ‘Play on’ Lip Crayons

What makes it great? Butter. They’re like freakin’ butter. Typically, in the world of lipsticks and lip crayons, when you get the more hydrating products and the creaminess, you lose pigmentation. These 7 lip crayons are so incredibly hydrating and extremely pigmented. They all contain castor seed oil which is the main component that keeps your lips silky and smooth.They offer a great shade selection appealing from the coralista, to the sultry vixen who loves to rock a dark plum lip, perfect for fall! My top 3 shade selections are Naughty – a true deep plum, Saucy – a fuchsia and hot pin hybrid, and Charming – the perfect daily wear pinky nude.

Draw backs? Like any jumbo lip pencil when you compare it to a standard twist-up style lipstick is that you need a Jumbo pencil sharpener. Jane Iredale does make one which will only set you back about $8CAD and will last forever…or until you lose it. This draw back can actually be also taken as a positive. The ‘Play On’ Lip Pencils are a great staple for any freelancing kit as they are extremely easy to keep sanitized. The pencils retail for $24CAD.

IMC_PurePressEyeShadow-Group-HRThe ‘PurePressed’ Eyeshadows

What makes it great? One of my all-time favourite Jane Iredale products have always been their ‘PurePressed’ Eyeshadows. They have a wide variety of colours from shimmering nudes, matte transition browns, and bright bold purples – none of which skimp on pigmentation. With this introduction on these four new eyeshadow shades, they are also revamping the packaging, swapping out the frosted Jane Iredale pop up lid for sleek and beautiful rose gold packaging. I die. Anyway, back to the minerals at hand! The four new shades are perfection for the fall: Mermaid – a hybrid between aquamarine, gunmetal, and opal pigments; Forest – a matte, deep green; Iris – a true royal purple; and Steamy – a muted copper. Out the the four new shades my favourites are Mermaid and Steamy. Both are very unique shades with a beautiful creamy texture which is only enhanced when used wet or with a mixing medium. Like many of their other mineral powder products, their eyeshadows contain a mineral compound called boron nitrate, which naturally diffuses light to give an angelic, ethereal look (the mineral is also found in one of my other favourite products the ‘PurePressed’ Mineral Powder).

Draw backs? The only drawback I would say with this product is it is on the hight price end (when paying in Canadian). Online they retail for about $24CAD, typically when you purchase it at a retail location it can range anywhere from $28CAD – $30CAD depending on the current exchange rate. However, you are getting 1.8g of mineral eyeshadow which is .3g more than a standard MAC eyeshadow. Yeah, doesn’t really sound like all that much but considering how little you use in a single use, that .3g will last you about an extra 2 – 3 months longer than that MAC shadow AND Jane Iredale is cruelty free, clean cosmetics. It’s worth the investment.

jane-iredale-new-mascaraThe Redesigned ‘PureLash’ Lengthening Mascara

What makes it great? So, from what I understand the formula is exactly the same – which is awesome. The unique formula contains seaweed lipids and wheat protein to strengthen and curl lashes. If you have ever used the Jane Iredale ‘PureLash’ Lengthening mascara you know that it is a really awesome non-drying formula that feels light on the lashes and does not flake. The only complaint I never had when using the old ‘PureLash’ Lengthening Mascara was the amount of excess product you end up with on the brush, making your application extremely difficult. The mascara angels answered my prayers and they changed the application wand! Not only did the change the wand but they made it a rubberized-plastic wand – MY FAVE! The applicator is dual sided, offering two different styles of bristles. On one side you have standard length mascara wand bristles allowing for easy application to your lashes. The other side offers smaller shorter bristles, great for lower lashes and building up darkness right at the lash line.

Draw backs? I literally can’t think of any. The formal rocks. I love the new applicator. It comes in different colours if you want to have some fun. Just an all around great product and a great improvement made to it by Jane Iredale.

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