MyPinkVanity Hair Extension Swatch in 'Cream Soda'
MyPinkVanity Hair Extension Swatch in ‘Cream Soda’

If you love hair extensions and are an avid purchaser of clip-in hair extensions you probably know the big 3: Foxy Locks Hair Extensions, Bellami Hair Extensions (hocked by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Guy Tang, and my favourite Nicole Guierro), and Luxy Hair Extensions. All are great options if you want to jump on the brand band wagon. Full honesty, like cosmetics, with extensions you pay for the branding. Specifically speaking, Bellami extensions are quite expensive when not using a coupon code provided by their many affiliates – most of whom can be found on YouTube and Instagram. Although they are on the cutting edge of hair colour trends, they offer nothing that couldn’t be duplicate either by a colorist or at home if you are experienced with hair color. Their least expensive set is the Piccolina is 18″ and is 120g of hair. The cost of this set which has the least amount of hair that they offer is $119.99 USD in addition to either the $12.50 USD in US shipping or the $20.00 USD international shipping. Your total bill for 120g of 18″ hair is somewhere between $132.50 USD and $139.99 USD which in Canadian tops out to be about $170+ dollars FOR THEIR BASIC OPTION. Foxy Locks and Luxy boasts lots of grams in their extensions selection; however, their hair sources vary which results in inconsistent hair quality – sometimes it is amazing but I have gotten some sets where they were just obliterated within a month of having them.

MyPinkVanity Hair Extension Swatch in 'WheatWhy am I telling you this? I believe this is a good place to give you some good news. Meet the best clip in hair extension company: My Pink Vanity. This company is owned by a lovely lady named Amy. The whole thing is a family operation and love goes into everything they do. They offer complimentary free domestic US and international shipping with each order and they have an excellent variety of shades and colours to match any colour. The least expensive set of extensions that they offer which has the least amount of hair is 20″ which is 140g of hair for $129.95. The free shipping and the higher grams of hair means that you are paying less per gram for your hair. For the most basic sets, comparing Bellami, which with shipping you are paying about $11.67 USD per 10g of hair, and MyPinkVanity, which you are paying about $9.28 USD per 10g. It may not seem like a HUGE difference but believe be especially if you are paying an exchange rate is a big deal.

MyPinkVanity Hair Extension Swatch in 'Dark Chocolate Cherry
MyPinkVanity Hair Extension Swatch in ‘Dark Chocolate Cherry”

Another big deal about MyPinkVanity is their hair quality is consistently amazing. When I do my hair extensions installations on clients and they ask where to purchase hair I always recommend MyPinkVanity, even though they are clip ins we cut the clips off and use it in a variety of different semi-permanent hair extension techniques. I still am never disappointed with the way the hair lasts for my clients.

They offer lengths of 20″, 22″ and 24″ and options of hair thickness from 140g to 240g. Here are little extra bits of lovely information about MyPinkVanity hair Extensions:

  • They only use Remy hair (this means all hair strands in extensions are directionally identical. Since all the hair is laying in the same direction from root to end, the outer hair cuticle stays intact which prevents drying and tangling.
  • The hair extension sets either double or triple wefted (this means you get an ample amount of hair without the bulk. Wefts are carefully sewn together to offer more hair per square inch offering you more glamorous volume).
  • The clips used on the wefts and silicone lined to prevent slippage and damage to your natural hair.
  • Each pack of clip in sets come with 11 pieces allowing for lots of different clip placements depending on what your style is that day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.42.43 PM

Let’s make a move to take the guessing game out of extensions! If you are considering getting a new set of extensions or have always been wanting to try out hair extensions I can not express how highly I recommend MyPinkVanity hair extensions! You will not be disappointed and if you do have any questions feel free to contact customer service at www.MyPinkVanity.com. Also go ahead and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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