If you are in the beauty community or pay attention to the latest trend at all you know that there is one thing that can make or break a make up look: your lash game. There is often just no compensating for the absence of full, lush lashes. Your cat eye just doesn’t have the same POW it would wearing a gorgeous pair of fluttery lashes.

mink_with_dinner_imagelargeI love false eye lashes. I love to wear them daily and rake in the compliments from eye makeup admirers. Since going cruelty free and just knowing in my gut that I don’t want synthetic false lashes (they look too glossy and unnatural against your natural lashes) something I just wanted to touch on is mink lashes. It depends on what your definition of cruelty free is but mink lashes, no matter how they are labeled, are not cruelty free. The hairs are harvested on mink farms where minks are NOT allowed to roam free and their purpose is either being raised for fur or for other profit based reason. Lets do some careful thinking here. Mink are naturally aggressive and territorial animals – just generally being bad ass and eating birds, fish and whatever else it wants to because it’s extremely bad ass. How do you supposed they are gently brushed so that individual hairs gracefully float off their pelts into the hands of the collector? There are quite a few false eyelash companies that claim to be cruelty free that hock mink lashes, most notably Velour Lashes, and I always give my head a bit of a shake at how they have duped many people into believing this story of free range mink running in a field, rolling over to be gently brushed. A quote from Boston Magazine from Jane Dollinger, a media liaison for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), responded via e-mail to8502373227_d72124d63e_b-300x199 questions report Anne Vickman had regarding company cruelty free claims: “These lashes are not PETA-approved. Even if the companies that sell mink eyelashes claim to obtain the fur by brushing live minks, those minks still suffer on farms and ultimately will be killed for their fur. We encourage consumers to choose alternatives to any materials that are derived from animals, ensuring that they are not contributing to an industry that causes suffering.”

All this being said, there are companies who sell mink lashes that are truly not mink at all, they are mink style created from a synthetic material. The reason people love mink lashes is because they are natural hair, thick at the root and tapered at the tip. This makes for incredibly natural false lashes. At the end of the day, people either care about what they consume or they don’t – the beauty community is notoriously bad for figure heads on things like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook telling people to purchase something and many people blindly consume anything that is recommended to them without much thought or research. I am taking my own steps to become a more conscious consumer and finding alternatives to non-cruelty free options is one way I further educate myself and others.

In my research and hopes to find the perfect false lashes I found a company called FavULash which is based out of Victoria, BC where I live and the owner/operator KC is just as beautiful as the lashes she sells. All the different lash styles she has created are made from 100% human hair making them light, and extremely natural looking. There are tons of styles ranging from casual, day-to-day lashes and more dramatic, seductive lashes. There truly is something for everything! Here are a few of my personal favourites:

#4534 – Amanpulo
#4001 – Davao
#4699 – El Nido
#7503 – Siargo

Like all other beauty products, I recommend not being a blind consumer and to do a bit of research into the things you are purchasing. There are so many wonderful alternative to mainstream, non-cruelty free products but it does just take some looking. Go ahead a browse the FavULash website and see for yourself, looking good never came at such a great price and at no cost to our furry friends.

Thanks for reading my sweets xo

*photos of lashes direct from favulash website

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