Jennifer-Lopez-leggings-los-angelesI am absolutely notorious for wearing leggings with everything. Standard, basic black leggings. Nothing special or exciting, just simple black leggings – with everything. There is something so reassuring and beautiful about knowing that you will be comfortable all day no matter what you are doing. You are ready to go to a nice dinner by slipping on some nice boots and a cute shirt, or ready to go hike a mountain by putting on some runners. Leggings are the boy scouts of pants – they’re always prepared.

I know girls who wear structured pants and look amazing. I am always envious of how put together they look. After the typical admiration session of 1.5 minutes I begin to think of whether they are actually comfortable in what they’re wearing or not. I start to doubt it. Then I am happy I chose leggings. I don’t own structured pants for 3 reasons:

1. My height puts me on the cusp of being a regular sized human and being a petite human.

I am in the no-womans land of structured pants. The length of petite pants is wonderful but the tailoring is a bit off because my height says petite but my thighs say I am familiar with pie.

2. I can’t find any structured pants that don’t give off a masculine vibe.

I am never on my way to a power lunch looking to crush the dreams of my inferiors. Or paint everything I own beige and bust balls on a regular basis.

3. In a single day I am usually doing at least 3 very different activities.

Leggings support all my activities. You can’t take structured pants on a run. They will hold you back like a bad boyfriend.

Photos from On The Daily Express
Photos from On The Daily Express

I have a deep love for the way leggings slim and add femininity to the body. Even on a day where maybe you had 4 danishes for breakfast, they will support you and hold you in. However, we have all been betrayed at some point by at least one pair of leggings. Everything is fine, they look good in the change room at H&M then BAM, you wear them in real life and your boyfriend says, “I can see your underwear through your leggings”. Betrayal of the highest degree! I like to call it trouser treason. This being said, there are some wonderful pairs of leggings that, for me, have stood the test of time and have been repurchased repeatedly – both of which are sold at Aritzia. Good leggings will not come cheap. Do not expect loyalty from a 2 pack of leggings from Costco, they will fail you.

f15_03_a06_44102_1274_on_aFirstly, I am head over heels for the Stride Pant by TNA. Marketed as a workout pant, these leggings hold their dark colour, making it a great staple in a black wardrobe and perfect paired with booties and a blouse. It is also one of my most comfortable leggings to wear for a fall date night with thigh-hight tan riding boots, a tailored flannel button up, and a denim jacket to finish off the effortless, cute ensemble.

f15_02_a06_39098_1274_on_aSecondly, for a less expensive alternative I love the Manhattan Pant by Talula. They are less than half the price of the Stride Pant but they are quite a bit thinner. If you but the wrong size your chances of making them see through go up. Don’t squeeze yourself into a small size, you will only hurt yourself. These are great day-to-day leggings which pair well with lots of different outfits. I do try to pair these up with a shirt that is a little longer in the back to cover my butt a bit more, but you do you – wear a crop top for all I care!

Those who know me in everyday life know I live in leggings. Some people tell me not to but I chose not to listen because bitter people tell you what to wear – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. I put it to you, I am effective at life because I don’t mess around deciding what to wear every morning. I spend about 8 minutes deciding what my outfit that day will look like – no stress, no fuss. I don’t get decision fatigue, something that plagues many people who are faced with plentiful options but not real decision making abilities. Women who have a closet full of clothes but complain they have nothing to wear, I’m talking to you! Isn’t that a stressful life? You are overwhelmed before 9:00am. I wear a similar outfit everyday because I know it works and It’s easy. Leggings, flow tank top, blazer, booties, and staple jewelry pieces – outfit done. Another contributing factor is a life principle I have spent years perfecting: don’t sweat the small stuff. Our society has become an increasingly materialistic society where people often consider the opinions of others, often strangers, before they listen to their own. The opinions of others are extremely minimal in value. The most minimal. Microscopic. So don’t sweat it! This philosophy will save you so much stress in heartache not only in deciding what to wear but in everything from relationships to work and beyond.

To put everything into summation: I love leggings. They make me embrace my body, appreciate my legs, and walk past a mirror and say “yeah, my butt does look great today”. Maybe one day I will find structured pants that I enjoy, but until then, I’ll be over here doing EVERYTHING in my leggings. If you want to get crazy with your leggings I suggest checking out Black Milk Clothing. They are an incredibly unique and creative clothing brand that makes beautiful leggings in amazing patterns and designs. They also make wonderful bathing suits that are sure to draw attention from everyone you see.